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Author Topic: Heads up. Please keep an eye out.  (Read 55 times)


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Heads up. Please keep an eye out.
« on: June 14, 2017, 11:56:17 PM »

Just a heads up. Please keep an eye out for anyone selling off some armies. about an hour ago one of our local players in Houston had his pickup broken into. His British wwII paratroopers 8 pack 75's 2 full infantry platoons,1 engineer platoon and others, american (full rifle company and more) and American team yankee (2 infantry platoons 2 itv 3 cobras 4 vads, fist unit and a few more) armies were stolen. 1 green flames of war bag, 1 black flames of war bag, (green bag had a Military MP badge- black and white) (velcore). Flames of war both WII dice and team yankee american . full sets of tokens.

i'll be updating with more info as detail of items in the bags that were taken (also some basketball gear was taken)

They were stolen from his truck at the waterburger on South Sheppard and 59.

pm me and i can get info back to the owner. posting this in the buy/sell fow and Asgard Games forums (the shop he plays at and is like 2 minutes away from the Waterburger.