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 on: March 26, 2017, 02:37:19 PM 
Started by Mooniac - Last post by Mooniac
********** RULES CHANGE!!!**********

As has been discussed with many of you, Phil Yates made an important change to Battle Plans for use with V4 of FOW. We are implementing this change beginning NOW!

A player who chooses a Hasty Attack plan will now be the attacker in a mobile battle mission against a player who chose Prepared Attack.

Why the change? First, it makes sense as the guy who attacks more quickly is going to attack before the guy who is making preparations. Second, it should result in a bit of a guessing game and create more variety of scenarios between offensively designed forces (which is what we mostly have right now).

********** RULES Clarifications!! ***********

1. When deciding if a target is concealed you only need to see if the line of sight must cross terrain. If not, no concealment. So if you are sticking your nose out V3 style, you can be shot as if in the open.  Use that 2" rule. Also, pay attention to same rule with linear obstacles.

2. Troops can only dismount in the movement step or when their transport is destroyed.

3. Assaulting teams only roll cross checks for terrain they cross before making contact. Once again, use the 2" rule to position inside terrain.

 on: March 26, 2017, 02:18:34 PM 
Started by Mooniac - Last post by Mooniac
The Fighting Continues...

Situation, 0100HRS 16 August, 1985

After an unexpectedly quiet morning, battles erupted across the North yesterday. Counter attacking forces of US 3 Corps advanced into follow on tank forces from East Germany. The East Germans attempted to roll over the Infantry Team in standard Pact form but were were stopped cold as their T55 mediums and T72's were degraded by US ATGM teams and then swept up by a platoon of M1s while consolidating on their objective. A follow on battalion of the DDR was likewise stopped when they encountered an Infantry Team unexpectedly as well. While lasting much longer, and inflicting greater casualties than their T55 armored Battalion brethren, they too succumbed to the inevitable progression of the yanks who used air support to end the battle in their favor.

Further South, the Soviet 20th Guards Army faired much better than the East Germans. Fresh forces performed spoiling attacks against 3 Corps' right and found the boundary with the West German allies. The Infantry Team defending the flank was caught unaware, and failed to delay the attacking Motor Rifle Division or to cause significant casualties or even to withdraw in good order. A second Motor Rifle Battalion took minor casualties defeating an advancing German Infantry company just before nightfall.

As of this report, the West Germans seem to be in disorder having given up the town of Winterswijk with little resistance to a reconstructed force of Soviet first line troops who reformed the remains of two battalions under one commander and relaunched offensive operations.

Hopes that the Soviets would begin retreating have been dashed, though a spokesman from SHAPE is denying that plans to withdraw NATO leaders across the channel were being implemented. The Commander of NORTHAG said through his spokesman that his forces would continue attacking and not halt until the Soviets were ground under the treads of NATO tanks.

 on: March 21, 2017, 08:44:24 AM 
Started by Mooniac - Last post by Numlock
You can't throw a brick at Asgard without hitting a commie at Asgard wensday nights.

 on: March 20, 2017, 10:02:34 PM 
Started by Mooniac - Last post by Badlands122
Not real sure where to post this, but I'm up for a game this wednesday at Asgards around 7:00ish would be fine. I have West Germans. 75pts would be great to start. Thanks.

 on: March 17, 2017, 06:26:29 PM 
Started by Mooniac - Last post by James
Count me in. West Germans.

 on: March 15, 2017, 02:44:50 PM 
Started by Mooniac - Last post by Badlands122
Thanks Eric,
 I received a V4 copy.

 on: March 13, 2017, 10:52:07 AM 
Started by Mooniac - Last post by Mooniac
Thanks to you and all that supported the store. We sold out everything but a box!

Will update on the restock.

 on: March 13, 2017, 10:17:20 AM 
Started by Mooniac - Last post by Giggity1
Hello Eric,

Just wanted to say thanks again for hosting the V4 rollout. Was good time and appreciated the time you took to explain things.


 on: March 07, 2017, 07:14:52 AM 
Started by Badlands122 - Last post by Badlands122
Ok, I will do that.

 on: March 06, 2017, 05:51:29 PM 
Started by Mooniac - Last post by Mooniac
2017 Team Yankee Campaign

Situation, 15 August, 1985 (see illustration inside cover of Volks Armee or Leopard)

GDR 9 Panzer has taken Arnhem. 2nd Guards Army having threatened Amsterdam is now withdrawing to solidify its lines. Dutch 1st Corps and British 2 Corps are holding the existing left flank and preparing for offensive operations. Recently arrived US 3 Corps, with aid of Panzer Divisions 1 and 7, has counter attacked forcing a retreat by 2nd Guards Army and 20th Guards Army.

Word has come down from SHAPE that NORTHAG may no longer give ground to PACT forces. They will be pushed back beyond the Iron Curtain!

Meanwhile, The Kremlin is instructing its Army Commanders to regain the offensive, and push all the way to The Hague.

General Info
Fee will be $15 per player and players can enter at any time.
The league will not end before 15 June, and will begin March 8. 
Players can play as few or as many games as they wish and where they wish.
Official point values will be 70, 85, and 100 (or anything players agree to)
*All players who play at least 3 games at Asgard and turn in the forms will receive a minimum of $13 prize support. Other prizes will be given.
Games must be Pact versus NATO to count for the campaign.
To track performance, each time you play an opponent for the first time, the VPs will count for your personal score.
All games will count for the campaign.
Players can play for either or both sides, but should declare a preference.
Highest Five VP scores for each player will be used to determine rankings.

Special Rules

1: We will use Flames of War V4 scoring in lieu of the Team Yankee system. See the V4 rulebook for the change.

2: Stinger teams WILL be allowed for US:

2x Stinger Teams 1 Point
4x Stinger teams 2 Point

Infantry attachment (VADS Plt), Assault 5

56" range, RoF 1, FP 4+, Guided AA
Other stats same as Dragon Team.

Proxy an appropriate small base team (ww2 bazooka, tank hunter, perhaps a jeep team).

3: Soviets can use new released models with the cards from the boxes.
(Sub Gaskin Platoon for any Gopher Platoon, sub BRDM-2 for any BMP recon platoon, add one Spandrel-AT platoon as support option, add one Spandrel-AT platoon as option in BMP Battalion, no BTRs or T55s)

4: A player who chooses a Hasty Attack plan will now be the attacker in a mobile battle mission against a player who chose Prepared Attack. (Added March 26).

Playing Games in the Campaign

During the entire campaign, anything players decide to do with their games that is not a manipulation of the scoring, and which is considered fair by both players is acceptable. The purpose is to play games and have fun, so if you don't like any part of the format please do what you and your opponent both prefer. If you can't agree, then I suggest sticking to the format.

For the first phase of our campaign, players will decide games using the the Battle Plans system on the TY website.

1. Agree to a point level
2. Set up terrain
3. Announce what formations are in your force
4. Use battle plans
5. Exchange lists
6. Play your game
7. Report your results using the forms at the register
*Return the form to the clipboard
Tell us about your game on the forums

Periodically, I will update the situation on the ground to reflect the results of the games played.

Remember, your first game against any opponent counts for the Best Commander Contest. All games reported for the outcome of the campaign as well as a contest for most games played at Asgard.

*Players are reminded they must play 3 games at Asgard to earn prize support. Also, don't forget to use your coupon you receive when you sign up at the Asgard Register.

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