By Nik Preece

Hey everyone,

I attended Gencon this year, and qualified for masters where I went 3-1 and placed 4th.  A few people asked for battle reports, so here is part 1 (to the best of my recollection).  First up, the Rite of Passage tournament which I qualified in.

My lists were:


Ol’ Rowdy







Max Boomhowler

Aiyana and Holt












Black 13th


Max Stormguard

Max Sword Knights


ROP Round 1:

eHayley vs. Baldur on Command and Control  -  Win

I deploy my Centurion and defender towards the center of the deployment zone.  Sword Knights go below the centurion, Stormguard above.  Thorn and Black 13th are deployed below Sword Knights.  Turn 1, everything runs.  Sword knight were used to box in my Centurion to prevent push / pull shenanigans with druids.  Opponents turn, he runs everything as well.  On my turn two, Hayley pops feat and casts Temporal Acceleration on the defender.  My defender takes two shots at the Gatormen posse, killing one.  Everything else runs.  On opponents turn, he kills some sword knights with druids, but generally just repositions his army.  My turn 3, Gatormen get charged by Stormguard, who fail their command check and do nothing.  Watts manages to tag a druid at the back of a cloud with fire beacon, allowing me LOS to the Wold Guardian behind the cloud.  The Wold Guardian gets time bombed, tagging a few druids and Baldur.  Centurion and Sword Knights continue to push into the zone.  On my opponents 3rd turn, his Wold Warden tries to kill Thorn, but comes up short.  The gatormen kill most of my Stormguard, and Megalith tramples and puts a few points on the Centurion.  On my turn 4, Thorn engages the Warden.  Swordknight charge the warden and megalith (with flank) and put some damage on the two beasts.  The Centurion moves up and finishes off Megalith and two Gatormen.    Opponents turn 4, the Woldguardian starts beating on the Centurion, but fails to blow anything out.  Baldur starts moving around the bottom side to try to get into the fight.  At this point, most of the druids are dead, but the remaining ones kill some sword knights.  My turn 5, the Centurion kills the Woldwarden and Junior pegs Baldur for 12 points with a handcannon shot before time is called and I win on tie breakers.

ROP Round 2:

eCaine vs. Rhyas on Killbox  -  Win

I lose the die roll.  My opponent is playing the new Rhyas tier list from a few NQs ago.  He deploys Legionnaires on one side of the board, the Ogrun Warspears and Ogrun Chieftan in the middle, and all of his beasts and Rhyas on the other side of the board behind a forest.  I line up my rangers opposite Rhyas and the beasts, Boomhowlers in the middle and Caine and Ol’ Rowdy opposite the Legionnaires.  My opponent runs most of his army on turn 1, keeping Rhyas and the beasts back a bit.  My turn 1, the hunters kill the Chieftan.  Caine walks up and kills 3 Legionnaires before gatecrashing behind a linear obstacle.  Rowdy gets arcane shield and walks runs up.  Opponent turn 2, Rowdy gets charged by the remaining Legionnaires.  He survives relatively operational.  Warspears continue forward, along with the battlegroup.  My turn 2:  Rowdy tremors, knocking down the Legionnares.  Gorman, Junior, and Holt finish off the unit.  Aiyana harms Typhon.  The two hunters and Caine then proceed to kill Typhon (I believe I popped my feat).  Boomhowlers start engaging the warspears.  Rangers move through the forest and kill two shredders.  From that point on, I continue to wear my opponent down over a turn or two, before pegging Rhyas with black oil and finishing her with Caine.

ROP Round 3:

eCaine vs. eFeora on Process of Elimination (?)  -  Win

I lose the die roll.  My deployment is much the same as before (Rowdy and Caine on the left flank, Boomhowlers and Rangers on the other).  I don’t remember too many specifics about this game.  I remember my opponent was pushing up the board with TFG, which were getting picked off by Caine as they came in, along with Vilmon and a few Paladins.  Rowdy had AS and was holding the left zone.  Avatar was advancing on the right side of the board.  On about turn 3, I was planning on popping my feat to kill the Avatar, but my opponent felt like he needed to start pressing forward and try to light Caine on fire.  He hid Feora behind the Covenant and a jack.  eEiryss had been working up the left side.  She shot Feora to remove escort and her Focus.  Two hunter shots and a handcannon from junior softened up the book, then Caine finished the book and Feora off.

ROP Round 4:

eCaine vs. Witch Coven on Capture the Flag (?)  -  Lose

I believe I win the roll.  I deploy as usual (In order from left to right:  Rowdy, Caine, Boomhowlers, Rangers, with support lining up behind Cain and the boomhowlers).  My opponent lines up Bane Thralls and Tartarus opposite Caine and Rowdy, with Bane Knights opposite Boomhowler and an arc node on either side.  Turn 1, Caine casts true sight on himself and heightened reflexes on Boomhowler.  Everything runs up the board.  My opponent runs everything as well.  I believe he popped his feat this turn.  On my turn,  Caine’s hunter gets two focus.  This hunter walks up and gets close enough to kill Tartarus.  Everything else backs up To avoid being alpha struck.  My opponents T2, Death Jack manages to get on Ol’ Rowdy.  Rowdy loses cortex and movement.  The hunter that killed Tartarus doesn’t stand a chance, and is scrapped.  My T3,  Rowdy tremors, knocking down Death Jack.  Boomhowlers charge in, killing a few Bane thralls.  I avoid killing any Bane Knights to avoid triggering vengeance.  Aiyana harms Death Jack.  Caine then pops feat and scraps death jack and a few banes..  Following this turn, there are two turns of attrition fighting and bad rolls on both sides:  Bane Thralls finish off Rowdy, Caine wears down the remaining Knights and Thralls, kills a stalker and an arc node, bile thralls purge repeatedly and fail to kill Boomhowlers.  Knowing time is getting close to being up, I run a hunter into my opponents control zone.  There are a few remaining Bane Thralls that are threatening Caine, so I move out from behind the linear obstacle I had been camping behind.  My opponent runs his last arc node into range and Stygian Abysses Caine to death.  In retrospect, I should have taken my chances with the Bane Thralls (they need 11s to hit).

ROP Round 5

eHayley vs.  Old Witch on Overrun (?)  -  Win

I lose the roll.  My opponent deploys Kayazys on the left side, Nyss Hunters on the right, and Old Witch, Spriggan and the Behemoth in the middle.  I line up My Centurion and Thorn in the middle, with Sword Knights and the Black 13th to the left, and Stormguard on the right flank.  Running all around on turn 1.  Iron flesh goes on the Nyss.  I cast arcane shield on the Stormguard, and put deceleration up.  Opponents turn 2,  Nyss creep up and shoot at the Stormguard, killing one or two.  The Kayazys and jacks continue moving up.  Old witch moves forward and pops her feat.  On my turn 2, Stormguard (which are outside Old Witch’s feat) move up and start working on the Nyss with 3 and 4 man combines.  I loaded up the Centurion, thinking I can charge the Old Witch and end the game there.  I later discovered that her feat prevents charging.  Luckily, the Spriggan is close enough to walk to.  The Centurion scraps it.  Hayley pops her feat, and the Black 13th kill a few Kayazys.  Not much happens on my opponent’s turn 3, thanks to eHayley’s feat.  On my turn 3, I manage to force a command check from the Nyss, which they fail.  My Centurion proceeds to beat down the Behemoth, getting 2/3 of the way through the enemy jack.  Luckily, I blow out the cortex to limit the counter strike.  My stormsmith kills the Kayazy Underboss.  On my Opponents turn 4, Battle Mechanics put some boxes back on the Behemoth.  Scrap Jack kills a few Stormguard, and the Kayazy kill some Sword Knights.  From this point, the game turns into a bit of a grind fest, with the Black 13th killing Kayazys, Kayazys killing Sword Knights, and the Behemoth and Centurion pounding on each other.  Thorn eventually gets around to Old Witch.  Hayley time bombs the enemy caster.  Strangewayes makes the Centurion Evasive, who walks over to the Old Witch and proceeds to finish her off.

I finish the tournament 4-1.  The participants gather around as Hacksaw announces the final results.  I am thrilled to hear that I have the highest strength of schedule among the 4-1 crowd, and qualify for masters.  I’d like to thank all of my opponents.  They all played good, clean games and were a pleasure to face off against.  In particular, I want to give a big thanks to my third round opponent, Eric, who convinced me to stay in the tournament after round 4.  That is it for the Rite of Passage tournament.  Stay tuned for part 2 of my Gencon report, where I will go over my Masters games.